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1. Although he felt very .... he smiled .... .

angrily , friendly
angrily , in a friendly way
angry , friendly
angry , in a friendly way

2. I .... a lot.

am used to smoke
use to smoke
used to smoking
used to smoke

3. ... Gloria last week?

Have you seen
Were you seeing
Did you see
Haven´t you seen

4. She´s an old friend – I .... her .... years.

´ve known , for
know , for
´ve known , since
know , since

5. We met when we .... in France.

were studying
had studied
have been studying

6. This picture .... by a friend of my mother.

is painting
is painted
was painting
was painted

7. I enjoy .... , but I wouldn´t like .... it all my life.

to teach , to do
teaching , doing
to teach , doing
teaching , to do

8. He .... by the Minister´s speech.

has been boring
was bored
was boring

9. There´s the man .... took you coat. (označte 2 správné možnosti)


10. She can´t get used to .... in the morning.

get up early
getting up early
be getting up soon
get up soon

11. He is much .... his brother.

as richer as
more rich like
richest then
richer than

12. Moira is .... beautiful girl.

such very
such a
so very

13. How long .... you .... him?

do , know
have , known
were , knowing
have , been knowing

14. John .... come to the party.

won´t be able
will be not able to
won´t can
will not be able to

15. Nobody .... (nemusí) pay the money back.

doesn´t have
don´t have to

16. We .... (nesměli jsme) to use dictionaries in the eam.

didn´t have
might not
were not allowed
didn´t allow

17. A girl and a boy .... (líbali se) on a park bench all night long.

kissed each other
were kissing
were kissing themselves

18. Jessie: “Your hands are dirty.“ - Mike: “I .... my old car.“

was repairing
have repaired
have been repairing

19. He went shopping, .... ?

did he
didn´t he
went he
did he go

20. He had to pay for the damage. - .... (opravdu)?

Did he
Didn´t he
Had he
Did he have to

21. The car needs .... .

to washing
to be washed
to be washing

22. Ať se nikdo ani nehne!

Don´t anybody let to move!
Let nobody not to move!
Don´t let nobody move!
Don´t let anybody move!

23. Co budeš dělat zítra touto dobou?

What will you do this time tomorrow?
What will you do tomorrow this time?
What will you be doing this time tomorrow?
What are you doing tomorrow this time?

24. Nikdo nechtěl, abych zpíval.

Nobody wanted me to sing.
Nobody wanted me that I sang.
Nobody didn´t want me to have sung.
Nobody wanted that I sing.

25. Čemu se směješ?

What do you laugh?
What do you love to?
To what are you smiling?
What are you laughing at?

Napište 2. a 3. tvar ( minulý čas - příčestí trpné):

26. od slovesa SHRINK

27. od slovesa LAY

28. od slovesa LIE (lhát)

29. od slovesa „letět“

30. od slovesa „kopat“

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